Why I Love Bridal Sessions, And Think You Will Too!
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Monday, February 19, 2018
By Kari Marie Photography
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Bridal Portrait Sessions.. I <3 Them, and think you will too! Bridal Portraits have to be one of my favorite southern traditions when it comes to weddings.  There is something so magical about seeing all the pieces come together. I love seeing my bride beaming with excitement knowing this is how she will look on her big day and typically at this point their big day is right around the corner. Its all starting to set in for her!  I am beaming with excitement as well, from the very first meeting with my bride I am already planning her bridal session for her. Making sure my brides have an unique experienced geared towards her and her personality is one of my favorite things to do; its a very exciting time seeing our vision come to life.  


  • STRESS FREE- Not only do bridal portraits reduce the number of 'must have' photographs on your wedding day, this session gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy  the moment. Unlike wedding day,  you won't have to worry about timelines or a to-do list, you just have to get dolled up and enjoy! 
  • TRIAL RUNS FOR HAIR AND MAKE UP-  Most HMUA offer trial runs, I tell all my brides to have their trial runs and bridal session all in the same day. That way you can see your entire look come together: Hair, makeup, dress, jewelry, ect. From here you can make any necessary "tweaks" before the big day. 
  • CAMERA COMFORT-  Bridal sessions are a great time for you to get to know your photographer! During your bridal session I always make sure you are completely comfortable in front of the camera. I am also human and know it can be rather intimidating to be the one having your photograph taken. I like to take a few photographs and show my bride the camera back, just to let her see herself. This will help me in knowing if there is something you may not like about a certain pose. This typically eases all the brides fear and its smooth sailing from there :) 
  • MORE PHOTOGRAPHS- This one is a favorite reason or mine for many obvious reasons.  Doing a bridal sessions allows for more time to photograph just you in your dress, bridals can be taken on the big day as well; just with drastically less time and images. 
  • MAKE IT A GIRLS DAY- I always encourage my brides to bring one to two people along. It's very common for brides to bring along mom ore MOH. I love having an extra set of hands to fluff your dress, and eyes the make sure each detail is perfect. 
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