Rachel and Clay 2016
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Thursday, January 19, 2017
By Kari Young
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 I had planned on just doing a blog post about their amazing NYE wedding, however  I wanted to be able to put the whole year together for you!  I met Rachel at the Bridal Extravaganza last January.  We had our first meeting at Starbucks ( my favorite place). It was then that I also got to meet Clay. Now for those of you that know me, y'all know how excited I get when I meet a bride that I know her and I will be an amazing fit. So there we are at Starbucks, and my excitement is really showing through all my rambling :) The more Rachel goes into detail about their Great Gatsby themed wedding, the more I rambled...  My creative wheels starting spinning and I just kept talking.. When I left that meeting I was so sure that Clay was going to say "NO WAY" to working with me! haha!  They booked with me within a few days and I was a little shocked to be honest, I even told Rachel I thought Clay was probably thinking "shut up, already" during our meeting. Her response was Clay actually likes you, and that doesn't happen often! #Win! 


I consider myself so lucky to have been able to work with both of these amazing humans through out the year. Our first session was their engagement session. Rachel is a very detail oriented bride and she picked out some amazing locations that fit the theme for their E-session. 




First stop was Hughes Hanger, a photographers dream! This place is amazing and filled with Gatsby themed decor. This location was absolutely perfect and I wouldn't expect anything less from Rachel! 

Second stop was Stone's Throw, this location was filled with amazing character that fit the theme of our session! 


When Rachel called to ask me to do a family photo session of her and her siblings for a "Mother's Day" gift for her mom, I was more than excited! 

I knew how amazing Rachel is so I knew her siblings would be a joy to work with!  We decided to do the session at Jones Park in Richmond. Its a beautiful location with tons of mossy oak trees, and beautiful fields. 

I had so idea Rachel had so many siblings, (something that we have in common, I am one of 6 kids)  Rachel is 1 of 5 kids.   I had some of the most fun with this family, ever! They are all so funny. By the end of the shoot they all had nicknames from me :) 

The bridal session at the Houston Rental Studio! 


Drumroll please.....  



On to one of the most amazing weddings ever! Everything was perfect from the most beautiful bride ( inside & out) right down to every detail! 


The wedding took place at the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls in Canyon Lake, Tx. The setting is amongst one of the most magical places I've photographed. It has an amazing waterfall back drop for ceremonies. 




To Clay & Rachel 

It has been a total joy to get to know you and work with you through out the year!  I am sad that all the wedding fun has come to an end, but so happy to know that I made the most amazing new friends. 

Rachel, I'm still almost certain we were separated at birth!! Your love for animals, especially dogs might be a little deeper than my own love for them; which I think is hard to beat!

You my friend are the definition of Humanitarian.

You are the most selfless person I have ever met in my life. I could listen to your stories about all the dogs you have rescued off the side of the road for days. In which some of the lengths in which you have gone to rescue a pup are almost comical, only because I have done some of the same things as you; maybe not to the same extent! ;)  

The world needs more "Rachel's"

Lastly, I want to wish you both an eternity of happiness and love! 

Cheers to #Rachelandclay2016! 

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Vicky - Thank you so much for your amazing work on their wedding. You are awesome at what you do!!!